• Intern with Tie'd Up!

           For those of you who have been following us you probably know we are a small operation, but you may also know that we have been growing quite a bit as well. Due to this growth and restructuring, we have decided to bring on 1-2 interns to start out the year! The number of interns we hire will depend on the qualifications of the applicants. 

           If you are not familiar with Tie'd Up, we are a young necktie company that had it's beginnings early in 2012 when the two founders were still in college. The company started as an e-commerce based retailer that manufactured it's own ties and brand. Things then grew faster than anticipated, and we soon started producing custom ties wholesale for other clothing companies. We dabble in kiosk sales and hosting special events, and like to involve our customers when possible.


    Here is the internship info:

    Tie'd Up, LLC is looking for an Internet Marketing Guru (or Grasshopper) to optimize social media profiles and to develop and carry out a structured online marketing agenda. This agenda will include:

    • Making sure all online company profiles are completed with relevant content and optimized for viewing.
    • Coordinated and engaging social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
    • Consistent and content rich blog posts to inform and engage our customers.
    • Calendar of product releases and special events that will need to be promoted.
    • Scheduled newsletter and other e-mail notifications.
    • Promoting posts and other published content by Tie'd Up and affiliates through multiple channels.

           Intern(s) will work under the supervision of the company owner, who is well versed in online marketing and social media, and will be actively contributing with posted content and company updates. We do not expect interns to know everything right away, and encourage the asking of questions and thinking outside of the box. All work will be reviewed and evaluated, but we want the intern to take ownership of their work and really learn from the experience. 


    • Exceptional writing and communication skills. Thousands of people will read and interact with the social media and blog posts.
    • Familiarity with neckties and men's fashion
    • Solid understanding of all major social media outlets, and a desire to become an expert
    • Great organization and ability to multi-task
    • Ability to create posts that include images, video, and of course written content
    • Learn a lot... and enjoy it!

    Preferred (but not necessary) Skills:

    • Photo editing (to make custom memes and sharable content)
    • Basic web analytics (to help track virality of shared content)
    • Understanding of SEO and PPC
    • Completion of an online marketing or web business class
    • Not colorblind... we already have one of those ;)


    • Develop and Master aspects of Internet and Social media Marketing and Account Management
    • Learn to Research, Plan, and Execute time sensitive agendas
    • Network with many high caliber people and organizations (get some recommendations!)
    • Have direct mentoring from experienced business owners and industry professionals
    • Presentable Work and Data to prove to future employers that you are a rockstar
    • Compensation for new business brought from your efforts
    • Free Ties! :)


    Other Things You'll Want To Know:


    Compensation - This internship is performance based, and linked to percentage of sales growth due to intern marketing efforts. (and yes, you can have some free ties :)
    Time Commitment - Minimum of 12hrs/week but we have enough projects for full-time hours if desired. We can discuss details.
    Duration - 3 Months but length can be discussed.
    Location - Anywhere you have internet!
    We will work with colleges to make internship compliant for credit.
           If this seems like an internship you would be interested in please send us your resume and what you think we should know about you to
    Also, if you are experienced with website editing, and SEO, OR if you live in Minnesota and would like to get hands on with the naming and merchandising of new tie designs and products let us know and we will see if we can work something out!
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